About Me

I am Information Technology Undergraduate student from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi

Tech enthusiast, code blooded person, believes in empowering youth of today to create the world of tomorrow harnessing the power of tech. I love solving real world problems which lie at the intersection of Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. My fascination is all about knowledge and creativity. I am always interested in learning why, how and what related to technologies around me. A candidate with substantial knowledge in AI and Cloud Computing, well versed in Data Structures and Algorithms, Python, Web Development and Machine Learning. I am always on the lookout for the opportunities to learn more and work on exciting projects.


Here are some of my Project Work.

News Navigaor

The most important feature of this webapp is to display whether the news is fake or real. Also, whether it is clickbait or not along with the News summary and Title. Also, one can check for live fake or real news which is constantly updated with the help of News API. ML Models we used were Multinomial Naive Bayes, paired with an NLTK keyword extractor for clickbait classification, and Passive Aggressive Classifier for fake news detection. Other tech stack includes Mongodb Atlas and hosted on heroku.

Live Project

No Sleepy Driver

Raises an alert if user is found drowsy. Implemented using computer vision and facial marks of a human. Applicable to driving and using phones(or studying)

Live Project

Experience & Activities

MicrosoftJan 2020 - Present

Microsoft Student Partner

Hosting events, giving workshops and organizing hackathons.
Growing and nurturing a vibrant community of students and faculty on-campus and off-campus.
Enhance their skills with the help of Microsoft and its technology.
Leading, helping others, and growing self as well local community’s skills.

Commondove1st Oct 2019 - 14th Feb 2020

Data Analytics Intern

Assessing data from multiple data sources, identify, analyze, and interpret trends or patterns in collected data sets
Interpreting data, analyzing results using Python& ML statistical techniques and provide ongoing reports.
Performing Expolatory data analysis.

Council of Scientific & Industrial ResearchJul 2019 - Jul 2019


was under the supervision of Mr. Raghunandan MV who is the network administrator of IGIB
establishing the networking environment by designing system configuration.
maximizing network performance by monitoring performance, troubleshooting network problems and outages


Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Delhi

Bachelor of Technology


Information Technology

8.52 CGPA(upto 3rd year)